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Web-Hosting-Company-IslamabadThe main thing to be considered in the shared hosting concept is checking if the web hosting company has shared only very few servers with large number of clients. If this is the case, then the probability of getting speed degraded will become higher. This is sometimes accepted and even allowed to some extent while the primary area of concern considered is price. There are few studies that have suggested the loading time of the home page to be under 10 seconds. If the response time of the home page is beyond 10 seconds, it is mentality of the visitors to just ignore and close the site and proceed with the other sites and searches. We have provided our list for the top 10 where we have had more consideration and restrictions towards selecting the best web hosting companies that is actually capable of providing web hosting with speed & quality factor that can match professional factors.

We have organized and listed out few factors in order to select, evaluate and rank the best web hosting companies along with their offers that will include the following:

  • Reputation. Reputation is simply about the quality of the web hosting service provided to the clients. We have provided all well reputed companies offering web hosting services along with the ones which are actually suggested by the clients and the users.
  • Popularity. Popularity is about the density or the majority of the users/clients the web hosting company actually has and expected to have in the near future. We also have reviewed keeping in mind of the popularity of the companies offering web hosting that is used by the sites.
  • Speed. In order to provide our reviews based on the Speed factor, we basically set up an environment where we use private sites so that we can check the specifications excluding the ads on the sites. It happens in many situations that we offer public hosting test sites, by which we provision our clients and user to observe the responsiveness the hosting is when browsing using a site based on CMS.
  • Reliability & uptime. Actually speaking there is hardly any host that can offer perfection factor till 99.99%. But most of the hosts we have provided here that are rated 4 stars or beyond that are performing excellently especially for their site uptime.
  • Features. There are multiple hosting service providers that come with the loaded features which you will hardly require. Many users want to host their site for their business and professional purposes. So here there is need for something which is very specific, or even more advanced that will be offered by very few hosts. For example SSH access. Apart from the special features, all the hosts listed here provide the common and the standard features that you will really expect any web hosting company to provide like PHP, MySQL, Perl, control panel and mail facilities. All of these features comes from the own hosted domain.
  • Support. Last but not the least. Support factor evaluation looks to be little tricky. Due to this, the quality of support keeps varying between the various support representatives available. In order to get the support factor and reviews for the various hosting company, we request our readers and the users to share their experience. This might also bring in few false reviews on the hosting companies. We have put a moderator in place to keep checking all of the comments and reviews for genuine before approving them to be viewable.
  • Price: It is our pride in striving hard in finding out the coupons and the best offers available to secure bring in special deals from the hosting companies for their best prices along with the offers provided for hosting. Generally the offers vary from time to time. The hosting provider keeps the offers and promotions changing more frequently. Hence for getting the price from any hosting provider, it is better advised to check with them for any offers and then to go ahead with the purchase of service.