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VPS hosting generally abbreviates as Virtual Private Server hosting. This is a server physically that is logically partitioned as several virtual servers where all the individual virtual servers are treated private. This is exactly contradictory to the shared mode of Website hosting where you will be given complete root access for accessing your server. Additionally, there are no other external users who can hack into your server account or any private files. The special provision you can find here it that you can also improvise all the configuration files. Along with this, you can use any Linux program and can run them in any way you want to.
VPS mode of web hosting is better and is as good as the dedicated mode of hosting. There are few drawbacks here like degraded performance as the resources like the processor, hard drives and etc., that are shared to the several VPS instances which is logically active and running. Though there are few drawbacks, the benefit here is that you will have the provision to have the complete security and flexibility that is provided by the dedicated server for fractional price.

Features to be looked on while choosing your VPS hosting provider:

There are many features to be checked before you go for any VPS hosting services. Few features like Performance, Technical and customer support are to be considered primarily essential. Performance: This is based on the real specifications of the servers provided by the hosting services as they can use them on multiple virtual machines in run their instances on each server. This is something very difficult to find and can become some sensitive information to obtain.


Technical support: These VPS hosting gives you room to have root level access in your server. With these it is really easy in messing up the data and the instances completely. So here is where the technical and the customer support are much required along with quality and quick responsiveness. This makes the VPS host services in creating huge difference between many other servers host services.