Single Channel TV Application with IP TV and YouTube compatibility Free Download

Product description

MyTV is a native android single channel online TV viewer application.

It can broadcast from live streaming url even youtube live streaming channel.

The app supports youtube and other live url for streaming.

The app automatically switches to a proper video player depending on the url provided. User can watch both in fullscreen and portrait mode.

User will be able to see upcoming programs list and will be able to set alarm for the desired program on a single click.

A very useful and compact homepage has been designed. Basic functionality i.e: Share app, Rate app etc. has been included into the application drawer menu.

AdMob has been integrated with the application so that anybody can include Ad in any activity.


Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Single Channel TV viewer application
  • Support live online streaming tv
  • Supports youtube streaming
  • Fullscreen video
  • Dynamic homepage
  • List for Upcoming Programs
  • Material design with easy navigation simpler UX
  • AdMob

App Demo

App Video

Technical Documentation

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