Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder PRO – Using Email, Popup, Browser Notification Free Download


Back Office demo here:


Pass: demodemo

Features Full List

  • Control reminder by cart amount. Example: You only send a reminder with discount code 20% if cart amount is over $90.
  • Control reminder by customer group. Example: you only send a reminder with discount by free shipping if customer group in “United States”
  • Control reminder by date time: You can set active date time for a reminder. The reminder will be automatic disable if it is over the date time. It is useful if you want to send special email, discount in a holiday like Christmas, New Year
  • Use different email templates for each reminder.
  • Use different discount code, discount type for each reminder.
  • Set date time to run each reminder.
  • Automatic create a discount code for each reminder and send directly via email. You can custom discount amount, discount expiration date …
  • Email multi languages. Different email language depending customer language.
  • Usable without server cronjob. We understand that not of all server able to setup cronjob on their server. Cronjob may be limited by server owner, or you don’t have experience on setup cronjob. But we recommend you should use server cronjob, it is much better if your website has many abandoned carts.
  • Admin is possible to send email reminder by manually (select email template, create custom discount, custom message).
  • Send reminder to your customer by Popup: You can use Popup to reminder your customer about their cart.
  • Send reminder to you customer by Sticky Bar: Use sticky bar on top or bottom of your site to remind your customer about their cart
  • Send reminder to your customer by Browser Notification: The feature allows you send notification even your customer doesn’t view your store. We include both Browser Notification & Browser Tab Notification.

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