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Admin Demo:


  • 100% Responsive Themes Design.
  • 100% Responsive Admin Design.
  • 6 Steps installation
  • Easy Control Panel.
  • Multiple Categories.
  • Used PHP Installation Manager v1.0.
  • Used Mega Template System v2.0.
  • Used Creative Upload Plugins Pro v2.0.
  • Multi Pagination.
  • Multi Language support
  • import/export Language to .xml
  • Used Change The Default Items Category.
  • Used Change Items Per Page.
  • API Documentation.

and more…

User Features:

  • Stream
  • displays uploaded by users following.

  • Profile
  • Profile (Page): displays the user profiles along with the quick access to Posts, Likes, Favorite, followers, following. and more…

  • Edit profile
  • change the image and personal the cover and basic data and Socials.
    Social Profiles for: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other social

  • Account Settings
  • Change email address
    Change your password
    Filters Notifications ( Notifications Comments – Notifications Likes – Notifications Followers – Notifications Favorites )

  • Draft
  • The work can be saved as a draft to be published later

  • Pro Accounts
  • have more features such as pro API, more upload space, etc and more…

  • Likes
  • shows all the likes you post

  • Favorites
  • shows all the Favorites you post

  • Unified Search Box
  • Live search for posts

  • Covers and avatars for user profiles.
  • Retina Display Ready and Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and newer iOS devices).

and more…

Script/Admin Features:

  • General Settings
  • Allows you to change various settings about the website and limitations.

  • Themes Setting
  • Allows you to change the whole website layout, the current theme enabled is marked Active .

  • Pro Accounts
  • Allows you to enable or disable Pro Accounts, change settings such as upload size, monthly plans, currency, etc.

  • Manage Categories
  • Allows you to add certain categories.

  • Manage Users
  • Allows you to edit users, suspend, delete accounts, view transaction history and more.

  • Manage Gallery
  • allows you to control the Gallery.

  • Manage Commentes
  • allows you to control the comments.

  • Manage Countrys
  • Allows you to add certain Countrys.

  • Manage Pages
  • Allows you to the amendment on pages

  • Manage Payments
  • Allows you to view the payments details, suspend or enable a certain payment.

  • Manage Ads
  • Allows you to add Advertisments in certain places on the website.

  • Email Templates
  • allows you to change the form and format your e-mail message.

  • API Setting
  • allows you to Giving the permits to API.

  • language settings
  • allows you to change or add language and Edit Phrase.

Version History

 /*-----------------------------------------------*/  * Version 1.0  *  - Initial version. /*-----------------------------------------------*/ 

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