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domainA domain name is something that can be really become an extremely and most importantly considered and a valuable asset to somebody who wants to perform website hosting for either personal or business reasons. It is always a best advice to go for the best registrar while having a perfect domain. This can even behave as key in provisioning better facilities while hosting.

List of the best domain registration companies and offers

Most of the people often depend upon the same web hosting service provider for purchasing their domain names also. Technically they bring in more offers to those and discount to the users who wants to register their domain names along with web hosting services. Though they provide number of offers, the experts considers this as equivalent to the effect of accumulating more number of eggs in a single basket.

The services providers for web hosting and the domain registrations play with their business in the world of online business. This can be trimmed more often so that service providers hardly play by the protocols defined. Assuming a web hosting company or just a website tries to contact the web hosting service provider you have chosen and they insist that their content has been misused and stolen by you. Along with this they warn you that are about to sue both you and the web hosting service provider. Say for example somebody have spoofed your e-mail and fires out number of e-mails to others which might appear to have been sent by you, Or even there might be somebody who manages to hack your site and can start creating all kinds of issues.

It might even not be your fault for the root cause of the problem. But any one of the above mentioned reasons is more than sufficient to your web hosting service provider for deciding to suspend or even terminate your email account. And now it is that your website will be dead and like under water with no indications of its existence and nobody will know the status of the website until it is up again and running live. If the site is not up again it has to be at least being able to get your domain transferred.

So now we will get benefits when you have got your domain registered with a company not same as that has been used for the web hosting. Then we can believe to have the website to be back live and online within few minutes to hours. Again it depends on the DNS propagation. In this case you will simply buy another account for the web hosting and then upload all your website data and backups. Here we will have to make sure that all the back ups are available locally and then better to contact the domain name registration provider for pointing your domain to get them hosted on to the new web host. This avoids more issues that can happen in the future.

domain-name-registrationWhen you don’t have grip of the domain name of your website, then the issue doesn’t project much. But we have to ensure that we have chosen a service provider for the domain registration whom you can really trust and relay upon. In order to have minimal assistance in getting started, we have provided here with the domain registrars those who are leading along with their popularity and reputation from the users. There are many other features to be considered in order to rate the domain registration companies and we have provided few of the features really needed to be looked upon.

We do take suggestions and feedback from our readers so that we can believe strongly that the list of domain registrars provided here are the best and can provide the users with the best in class service.