Dedicated server Web hosting providing companies

There are various types in web hosting plans ranging from the Budget hosting plans to the quality hosting plans. Former one will be useful to sites that have very less number of blogs and also depending on the visitors and the traffic the website normally generates. Normally they are called as VPS.

best-dedicated-server-hostingThe latter supports good number of blogs generally around 10 to 15. This depends on the visitors and the traffic generated by the website. But for better performance and for specialized use of websites, it is always advised to go for running own dedicated server for web hosting so that it yields better performance for your blogs along with the other web applications. Most of the web hosts servicers can provide some additional features like fast paced RAM along with great disk space capacity. In addition to all of these, higher rate of data transfer ensures increased traffic to the website.

There is another feature called multiple IPs that will be provided along with the packages. The other benefit you can make use when you host your website on dedicated server is that you get more room to host another website. But given the space and the loads of the website, light websites can go with the managed servers whereas the heavily loaded and huge websites has to go with the dedicated servers to get betterment in performance and other aspects.

There are various dedicated and managed servers we have analysed and have posted on our site along with the provided features like technical details of the webhost, processor name, RAM capacity, Harddrive space threshold, data transfer speed from the website along with the number of IPs. Apart from these, they will generally have access to FTP server.

Following are some of the popular dedicated and managed servers:


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Managed Dedicated Server Hosting & Managed VPS Hosting by LiquidWeb 2014-07-22 14-25-45

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All of the above mentioned web hosts services provide the customers with the managed and the dedicated servers’ facility depending upon the need from the customer. But when it comes to a professional service, dedicated servers would be better option. For personal sites or those which doesn’t have more size managed servers would be fitting best.