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domainThere are several sites that act as guide for choosing best web hosting and hosting server; is one such website that provides you a guide to choose the best hosting based on price, features, uptime, support and plans. The websites that are listed in is listed after detailed analysis. is dedicated to provide the best guideline and information about choosing web hosting. The main objective is to provide detailed and well analyzed information about the web hosting company and guide the users to choose the best one that will suit for their website. The website requirement may be small personal website or a business based website it is important to find the right hosting provider as there are hundreds of hosting providers swarming like bees. Several hosting providers are giving plans at a very competitive price hence it is important to analyse the reputation and other features before choosing a hosting provider.

In this website you can find detailed information about each hosting company, plans that are offered and the web hosting companies’ reviews. The reviews will cover the plans, offers, features that are provided, uptime, customer support, pricing, reliability and security. The reviews provided in this site are made by experts hence the information available here will be most reliable and help you to choose the right web hosting confidently.

Choosing the webhosting company to meet your requirements is more important than choosing the best web host provider. There are a number of host providers and the requirements vary from one user to another according to the type of website. IF you are a beginner starting a small website a minimal web hosting plan will be sufficient as you will not require unlimited disk space or bandwidth as the content and visitors will be limited. Beginners will find it difficult to choose the right hosting provider this site will act as a guide to choose the cheaper web hosting plans.