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Awe Menu – PrestaShop Top Mega Menu Module is quick, easy to setup and WYSIWYG menu management module.

Merchant Benefits

  • It’s completely WYSIWYG so merchants can review pixel perfect demo of how menu will look in front before making it live.
  • Drag and Drop Builder makes it easy to arrange tabs, row, columns and menu elements.
    It’s completely Ajax Oriented so there are no page reloads on adding items to menu.
  • Live Theming is very advanced theming feature, it shows live changes in colors and styles.
  • Row/Column Layout make it possible to manage complex menu layout.
  • Revision Management make it possible for merchant to move back and forth between saved revisions.


  1. Menu Elements
    1. Products
    2. Categories
    3. CMS Pages
    4. Manufacturers
    5. Suppliers
    6. Custom Links
    7. Horizontal Tabs
    8. Vertical Tabs
    9. Accordion
    10. HTML Block
    11. Youtube Video
    12. Vimeo Video
    13. Google Map
  2. Unlimited rows/columns layout in dropdown
  3. Predefined and custom themes
  4. Drag drop arrangement
  5. Completely WYSIWYG editor
  6. Revision management
  7. Responsive

Demo Store

Backend:  (Login: / demodemo)

   View Demo     Download


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